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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Inspirational Dog Story

I read a story about a Basset Hound named George who saved himself by accidentally calling the emergency number in the U.K which is 999. Be aware that this was one of the older phones with a dial ring. George knocked over the home phone and got tangled up in the strings. In his effort to untangle himself, he called #999. Of course, George didn't speak, but his heavy breathing told the emergency operator on the line there was someone ( or something * mysterious smile * ) in need.

The ambulance arrived and George was saved by an officer who ripped the phone line apart, letting George be able to breath again. Yes, it is possible, but I believe it wasn't just pure luck or by chance. I think that a miracle somehow helped clumsy George to survive. Of course, lots of things could have gone wrong, therefore 'killing' George. Things like the operator would have thought it was a prank call, or the officers just weren't there in time to save him. But, miracles do happen and, D-O-G spelled backwards is G-O-D.

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