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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ole ( read this to find out what Ole is )

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Haha! Thanks for reading because you were curious to find out what Ole means! Yet again it's True Story Tuesday.

Dave and Kerry were skiing with their dog when an avalanche struck. Dave unfortunately died and Kerry survived. But the death of the welsh corgi was uncertain. While Dave and the dog's funeral was coming up, the corgi simply arrived at the funeral, mending all of the family's broken hearts.

A nice, beautiful, inspiring story to start ( or end ) your day! Oh, and by the way, Ole is the name of the dog.

Thanks so much!
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breed of the Month: Brittany Spaniel

Another month? Really? It seems like it passed so fast! What about you?

Brittany Spaniels ( my absolute FAVOURITE breed )!!!

Brittany spaniels were bred for hunting dogs, mostly bird. For those who are allergic, this might not be the right breed for you. They are not hypoallergenic. Brittanies are light shedders These hunters usually live up to 14 to 15 years.

Exercise and Training:

Brittanies are very easy to train! They are always eager to please and are very obedient. They need owners who are strict, yet calm. These spaniels need lots of exercise. Daily walks or jogs around the local park is crucial because they're very active.

Living Conditions:

As I said above, these dogs will need to be very active and are not suited for apartments. They will not like cold and damp conditions but will survive.


Brittanies were named by a province in France and they were first recognised in 1934. They were crossed by a Welsh Springer Spaniel and an unknown French breed. Brittanies are one of the most popular bird hunting breeds.

Is that all? Do you have an important fact about the Brittany? Let me know in the comments below or request a post.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Back-To-School: Dealing with Separation Anxiety!

You're about to leave the house. You grab your purse and keys, and once you open the door, there he is. Clinging to your only source of movement, you try to shake Max off, hoping to for the first time be on time picking up the kids from school. You finally break your dog free from his desperate struggle.

Discussing with the school principal about your kids misbehaving wasn't easy, but then when you arrive home... Well, that's another problem. Pillows torn up, vases shattered and Max pawing at the door as you enter.

Yes, it's seperation anxiety. School is on it's way ( or maybe where you live school is already there ), and school's companions: rushed mornings, relationship drama, bedtime quarrels and your dog's separation anxiety attacks. Here are some remedies that will prevent some clean-ups.

1.) Not Your Normal Day:

When you dog sees you pick up your keys and head out the front door, he/she knows you're leaving for a long period of time. You can change your behaviour by taking your dog out for a walk before leaving, or calmly reading a magazine or book at the door before you vanish out of sight. This will trick your dog into thinking it's not the everyday routine where you leave him. Don't keep the same routine every time though! Make it random almost every day.

2.) Keeping Your Calm:

When you're getting ready to leave, take all your nervousness, sadness and all negative feelings and throw them in the trash. Dogs pick up on your mood, so if you're panicking about being late, your dog will feel the same and panic too. If you want to take this to the next step, take your dog on a relaxing walk before you leave then when you get home, give him some food and water to keep him/her busy while you leave. So feel relaxed and calm and your dog will pick this up too! No? Your dog is still having panic attacks? Well then, move onto the next step.

3.) Too Busy To Panic:

Give your dog a treat to play with, especially toys that your dog has to work for, such as the Kong toys. Click here to make your own DIY Kong toys and some different fillers for them too. This will not only keep your dog busy while you leave, but it makes him/her expect tasty treats and good things from you leaving your playmate it alone.

4.) From Little To Large:

Start this training by leaving your pet alone for 5 min, then increasing the time by 5-10 min. If your dog makes ANY signs to show that he/she's having a panic attack, come back in and start all over again the next day. You heard me, ALL over. You should do this exercise only once a day because if you do more, then your dog will get stressed and it will make everything harder. And above all, don't be mad or stressed!

5.). Day At The Vet:

If your dog is still stressed out whenever you leave him/her, be sure to get an appointment with you vet soon! Your vet will probably assign your dog some medication. Don't freak out! Your vet knows what's good fo your dog.

6.) Practise Makes Perfect:

While you're waiting for the meds to kick in, or if you haven't gone to the vet, try 1.), 3.) and 4.) again. But like it says in 4.), don't be frustrated and don't practise more than once with your dog. Or, simply, you could just leave your dog alone less often or hire a dog sitter while you're away.

Remember, unlike cats, dogs were born in packs and they were almost never alone. Don't feel like you're the only person in the world who has a furry friend dealing with separation anxiety! You're not alone.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dog Left To Drown

Welcome to the world of true dog stories... True Story Tuesday!

A senior blind dog got thrown into a river, his two hind legs tied up and attached to a stone in Spain. Luckily, two kayakers rescued this poor creature and they rushed to the local doggy hospital where he will be treated and nursed back to health, finding some new owners of his own.

Now this aggravates me. How could somebody try- even want - to kill their dog. Dogs are a man's best friend and they will love you until the end of their lives, even if you're a criminal. That person should be punished!

That's all for this week and remember to send in a request,
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