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Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm Bobo

Bobo here! I'm a Brittany Spaniel and boy, do I have a tail for you. Let's get started...

I live in Athens, Greece and a friend of mine who lives there too has a bit of a weight issue. His name is Zac and one day, Pack Leader took him into the so-called 'cars'. We call them GreyTails because when the rumbling noise starts, there's grey air that comes out of their tails. 

So, they didn't come back until I had finished my brand-new bone until there was nothing left but chewed up particles. Believe me, that takes concentration. Do you know how many smells there are to drive me away from the oh-so-good chews of a bone? I'm guessing not. Well, to start off, there's crumbs on the floor from an eaten meal, cat smells, other dogs, birds flying above us, and cooking from Pack Leader's mate...

Anyways, when they did come back, Pack Leader was carrying a big box that seemed heavy. Zac dashed right past me ( it wasn't a very fast dash because of his weight ) and into the den. Luckily, Pack Leader's mate opened the door. I curiously walked in with Pack Leader and sniffed out Zac.

He was in his favourite hiding spot under Pack Leader's bed. I could never get under there which is barky because Zac is fatter than me and he can get in... I asked him:
" Why are you hiding? Where did you go?"
" Oh you don't wanna know. We went to the place where everything about dogs is kept. " Zac said in a frightened voice.
" The Pet Store ? I thought you loved that place! "
" it's the things Pack Leader got that scares me! The picture on the box says it all. Have you ever run but never got anywhere?" * Shakes his head *
" Well, " Zac continued " That's exactly what I'm gonna do for the next 30 sleeps! They say it's gonna help me lose weight!"
I was going to say something, but Pack Leader's voice echoed throughout the den.
" Zac! Come try the treadmill! " 

Zac had to miserably go through that for 30 sleeps indeed. But after that, Zac hadn't lost any weight. One day, Zac came home from the dog doctor and said that he was born fat and can never lose it! He said he was happy he didn't have to change who he was. I've learned a lesson, that you should never go with your Pack Leader to the pet store if you're overweight.

Gotta go now! It's time to get a belly rub. 


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