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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stray Dog Saves The Day!

Copperhead Snake

Welcome back to True Story Tuesday! This one's an oldie. In 1943, a stray dog just happening to prowl around the yard, noticed a copperhead snake lurking around the kitchen of a family's home. The family didn't notice this predator and continued the day with no apparent worry. The snake, confident for an easy kill was ready to poise. But the dog jumped in front of the poisonous snake.

They fought and bit, tangled and turned until the snake, worn out, finally backed off. The dog was bitten in his effort to scare the snake off. But the family found the brave dog and rushed him to the hospital. Now he lives well and healthy.

If you have a true dog story or have found one that you wish to share for the next True Story Tuesday, share it below on the comments.

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