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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holla! It's Jack!!!

Hey! My name is Jack and I love to walk on this squishy thing that makes noise in the picture! It's so interesting, you know? It's all clear and whenever you step on it, it sticks to your paws and makes and funny squishy sound. 

One day, this girl came over and she was petting me. I loved the attention!!! I was curious so I kept sticking my muzzle really close to her face. I did that a lot. Her face was so interesting, you know? Then she giggled the next time I did it and said something about not having ' personal space '. She stopped me with her hand the next time so I walked away.

When I came back, she had treats in her hand! I immediately sat down and when asked, I laid my paw on her hand. I got four delicious treats that day! I loved her even more.

Hoped you liked it!

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