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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why Dogs Turn Around Before Laying Down

Dog owners, admit it. You've all seen your dog turn round and round before laying down to rest. And most of you have wondered: What is he doing? Maybe you think they like to chase their tail before nighty night. Comment what you thought your dog is thinking and why he's doing that.

The real reason is that dogs originate from wolves. Wolves also turn around before they go to sleep. They do that because of comfort. When they turn they kick the dirt away and uncover a cool, cozy layer. If they were on grass, turning around would flatten grass, therefore making every sleep more enjoyable.

With our man-made beds and pillows dogs sometimes twirl before laying down simply to lay curled and comfortable. But, tradition sticks throughout the generations and dogs do things like their ancestors do. For example, why do we shake hands when we first meet?

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