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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dorado's Determination

Yet again it's True Story Tuesday! This story is a heart-wrenching tail of a dog and his loyalty to his owner, Omar Rivera. 

Dorado is a working dog for blind Omar, a computer technician. On September 11th, a plane crashed on the building on top of Omar's work. Dorado, hearing rushed footsteps and smelling smoke, tried to warn Omar. Omar realized that there was somehow a fire and let Dorado go, taking off his leash to save Dorado and let him go.

Dorado couldn't let his master did though, and he led Omar down 70 flights of stairs. At one point, they were separated by the mob, but found their way back together again. It took them about an hour to escape the crumbling structure, jut minutes before it went crashing down.

This true story shows that dogs aren't just pets, they're family and dogs do love you more then you love yourself.

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