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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breed of the Month: Border Collie!

Welcome to the first annual Breed of the Month post! Starring: the Border Collies!!!

Description: These collies have either white and black, white and red, tricolor, black and gray, yellow, yellow and white, sable or all black. They have long fur and shed a fair amount. They have a medium sized tail.

Living Conditions: Border collies are very active and were bred to herd. Apartments or bungalows are not very suitable homes for these athletes. If you do have a small place, daily runs and walks around the dog park, forest or around the neighborhood would suffice. Border collies need to have a job to keep their mind and body busy. Their nicknames are 'Workaholics'.

Training: Border Collies are very intelligent and are highly trainable. But if you don't train them or spend much time with them, they can be very destructive and not behave.

History: Border collies are from England and Scotland. They were called Scotch Sheep Dogs. They were first recognized in 1995.

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